The International FeelGood Academy developed some intercultural  workshops. The value of these workshops is not only, the given information but even more the sharing of  experiences, knowledge and thoughts.
The workshops are developed and customised for business, families or mixed groups.

Culture shock/ homesickness
Especially the first year of an international move can be very uncomfortable, scary and tiring. Nothing is the same as you’ve been used to.  Different emotions; like anger, fear, loneliness, sadness can reflect your live. This workshop gives a lot of information about the phenomena culture shock. We’re looking at the personal and emotional side of a culture shock and how to deal with it.
People who benefit most are moving or did move within a year.
The workshop is also customised for families or private groups.

1 session a 2 hours

Intercultural management
Nowadays every business or company deals with intercultural diversity; Different demands of clients, suppliers, services, employers, etc..
Management requires to interact on all these differences in a progressive and connecting way so products and services can be developed, produced and sold in a profitable way. Employers from different cultures and backgrounds need different management styles to get the best results.
In this workshop you’ll learn to recognise how culture differences can reflect on your product/service and management style, how to manage intercultural teams and solve problems concerning these different cultures.

The workshop for everybody who has to manage in a diverse environment but can also be customised for your particular business

Personal Cultural Integration
In this society more often people have to deal with differences in culture and backgrounds. Different cultures do effect on how people experience their personal, social and professional environment.

  • Neighbours from different cultures and with different values and believes
  • As partner from somebody with a different culture
  • As partner of someone who moves to another country for work/study
  • immigrations
  • International companies have to deal with different demands on goods and/or services with colleagues and clients from other backgrounds.

For example; how do people experience the difference in culture concerning appointments, waiting in line (or not), jokes, education, family, recreation, communications with superiors, colleagues, clients in personal-, social and professional live.

Personal Cultural Integration Is a follow up from the workshop culture shock. You learn to recognise cultural differences and learn how to integrate these differences into so it becomes an personal enrichment
This workshop is for everybody who wants to deal better with cultural diversity in social-, personal-, professional relations and situations

4 sessions a 1 1/2 hr

Authentic International Parenthood
Being a parent in the days when everything changes is a hard job, you can’t rely on earlier/own experiences. Even more so for parents who raise their children in a different culture then their own or parents who deal with more nationalities in a family. All these experiences and feelings can have a negative outcome on yourself and your way of parenting.
In this program we’re going to find out what intercultural parenting means for you as a person and how you can deal with that as a parent, so we can raise our child(ren) without loosing ourselves in a ever changing setting.

4 sessions a 2 hr



The workshops are on location or in our facilities in Leiden (Netherlands) or Doha (Qatar) by Nicole Zwarts. Nicole is an intercultural specialist.
Languages are English, Dutch and German.
for more information about the workshops please contact, Nicole Zwarts