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Truth 2

A while ago I was triggered by writing about truth. Since then I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about truth.
It makes me feel good when I think something it’s true, a sort of good, feeling certain, in control, being right. 
Since I discovered that the truth is more an actual state of matter or a fact, I do realize that most of my truth is my -well argumented (I think)- opinion. 
My opinion is being formed by what I hear from the people and media around me, what I read in the papers, magazine and books, what I do on research on the internet and most of all the background and culture I grew up with.
The more I hear and read the same thing, the more true it becomes.
BUT it’s always the same media, the same sort of books. My language abilities limit me to media in dutch and english; western based media, western way of thinking. Same thing with books but also the search aids do direct me to a sort of book I like or might be interested in and those are usually a confirmation of my direction of thinking.
I like to think that I try very hard to get a complete overview from a situation or matter and can consider from more points of view to state my opinion, my truth.
In some ways I can, I live a multicultural life, I can imagine how/what a japanese, an Englishman, a German or Qatari will consider a situation or matter as a truth.

Knowing that my truth is not someone elses truth doesn’t make life easier, because more often I find that my opinion/my truth change with the person or media I’m dealing with. My opinion/my truth is blowing in all directions of the wind, I feel like a ‘plastic bag blowing in the wind’. 
Not knowing what is actually true and right or wrong makes me feel uncertain and out of control, it doesn’t feel good.
Sometimes I even wished I’m able to believe in a religion or something to have a believe in a certain truth, but then again, I’m too much of that ‘plastic bag blowing in the wind’ to believe in a truth what actually is only a certain state of mind.

I Think I’m not the only one confused, what to believe to be true/right or wrong anymore. What do people do when they’re confused? They tend to go back to what they know, turn to certainties that they knew were right. I’m afraid that isn’t going to work either, as the truth (the actual state of a matter of a fact) actually IS changing.



Last week I wrote about fear. But writing about fear made me realise that fear also has got everything to do with trust.
Fear is a lack of trust; a trust that ‘it will be alright’.
In many ways I’m very privileged; I come from a society where I can trust the health system, police and government; that they will try to; keep- and make me healthy and act according the law and if not I can go to court. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything but at least I know I have got rights.
I’m also confident with myself that I’ve got enough knowledge and strength to solve the problems I met.

Here in the Middle East I haven’t got that trust. As a white, confident and independent woman you never can be sure; If, how and when you will be judged when/if you do something wrong (even if other men do the same). Let alone the consequences.
I think this very uncomfortable feeling, comes close to fear.
I can feel it in my throat; like a bone stuck deep in my throat.
I’ve got that feeling too when I’m watching the news or reading papers? 
I don’t trust journalism anymore;
-knowing how journalist get their information,
-knowing how news depends on the point of view,
-knowing what kind of news ‘sales’ and
-knowing that certain news will reach me and other news won’t because I’m not in the ‘liking’ list.

It makes me afraid because I don’t have the control anymore over my trust in the things I hear/ read which are the base of my ideas of good and bad, my values and I have no idea how to solve this problem.
It makes me frustrated and angry. 
I hear and see a lot of signs that other people feel the same. And that’s scary, because I know by experience that for me ‘it will be allright’ I’ve been in more similar situations of loss of control and feeling out of my comfort zone but I know most people haven’t and I don’t trust most people to act in a smart way as I know that fear will interfere with the ability of people to think logically and ahead.


What is the information-bubble?

The international Feelgood Academy aims to raise more understanding and acceptance between people so we can enjoy our differences rather then be afraid and exclude each other.
In the first blog of 2017 I already ventilated my concerns about the information-bubble we get in with the internet and social media.

Every person has a figuratively bubble around him/her. It protects the person to what he/she can handle at that moment; A personal boundery. 
The information bubble will enclose people in a bubble of ‘wanted’ information and will protects/prevents a person from unwanted information; Not only from unwanted information but also protects and discloses from new information or different information, the kind of information which helps to get new innovative ideas, different insights and a diverse and wide look on people and situations.


Internet companies have developped all kind of programs to find out what we might be interested in or not and that’s the kind of information they provide us with.
But people are unique; What people are interested in -or can handle-, depends on many, many MANY different aspects; personality, background, religion, culture, where, when, the situation and timing. No algorithm program can ever know al these aspects which influence our bubble and how open we are for other/new information and when.
For example When I’m tired or had a hard day, I like to read about good people who save puppies but after a good coffee, in the morning, I would be more interested to know how Chinese people eat dog and why.
I will start looking for this information myself as I’m interested but when you’re locked up in your information bubble you won’t even get the idea that eating dogs might be a solution for hunger.
I absolutly won’t feel comfortable with the information, as I love dogs and I’am convinced they are (wo)mens best friends, But the information would make me think and maybe raise some understanding for the situation of hunger and the availibility of dogs.
I won’t agree but I won’t convict either a whole race for eating dogs.

Now the controversial thing is that the information of people eating dogs, doesn’t make me feel good, feel good at all. So I should be happy with the information I get which confirms my opinion of normal, good and bad. And be happy I don’t get information I don’t like, things I would rather not know. 
But in the end… doesn’t make me feel good not to know and stay ingnorant about what’s going on in the world and being overwhelmed and surprised what is actully happening in the world.

I can stay in my bubble -just like other people who think the same-, and be angry about things happening which I think are not normal and good. Though that doesn’t give me peace in myself or with others, because I’m being angry in my little bubble and only get more information that feeds my anger. 
I need the possibility to understand what is happening, even if it takes a long time, to understand and accept the situation. 
I want to know what I can do -or don’t-, so I don’t feel so powerless and more in peace with myself and the others and that’s what makes people feel good, being in peace with yourself and the world around you.

I want to thank mr Eli Pariser, for providing us with the term ‘Information Bubble’, the term helps to visualise and understand this difficult matter.

Happy 2017

The first blog in 2017. Happy new year to you all.

May all the bubbles on your path be, champagne-, soap and bath bubbles.

When I think about 2016, I’m worried; People all over the world are being locked up in their internet and social media information-bubble; nice and save with all other people who think and like the same.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple, they all want to find out what we like so they can sell advertisement-space more purposeful. And of coarse, I’m very happy that I’m not overloaded by advertisements for …. diapers anymore but 20 years ago I would have liked to know what kind of diapers were available and for what price and where that easy.

What I don’t like is that news, information about what is happening in the world is also ‘media-lized’. When companies find out I’m interested in certain news they will only send me more of the same kind of news from the same kind of perspective/ opinion and no opposite or different information will come my way again.
The more news and information I get from that same perspective/opinion the more I will be convinced that that’s the only/right news or opinion. We don’t get other/more information/news about people or situations anymore. At some point we even don’t ask our selves if there’s another opinion or just one way to look at a situation, possible. We become a kind of brainwashed.
The tollerance for people who think or behave different then what we’re used to becomes less. There’s hardly any empathy left for possibilities for other ways of live.

The internet gives us the chance to make news and information open for everybody and make censuring possibilities of governments less. Though it looks like we’re becoming victims of the censuring of the marketing, nowadays.

The International Feelgood Academy aims to raise more understanding and acceptance between people so we can enjoy our differences. We hope that we can all ‘popp’ our bubbles and make it a splashing 2017 all over the world.IFGAblogperson